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7 Mission Agencies Church Planting Among the Unreached of West Africa

If God is calling you to serve among the unreached in West Africa, then you will want to consider one of these 7 mission agencies church planting among the unreached of West Africa. 

Unreached of West Africa – Who are they? 

West Africa is recognized by the UN to consist of 17 countries, having an estimated population of over 4 million people (Worldometer). 

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According to Global Gates,  there are “eight substantially unreached people groups of West Africans: the Wolof (likely the largest population), Fouta Tooro, Fulbe Futa, Maninka, Bambara, Mandinka, Jula, and Soninke.” 

Here is a list of 7 mission agencies working with people groups with an exceedingly small number of local Christians. 

7 Mission Agencies to Consider 

Although there is a large number of mission agencies working in West Africa, we have compiled a list of 8 well-known agencies that we partner with at The Mission App. This list is not in any particular order but each of these agencies does excellent work. 


If you want to reach the far corners of the globe, CFCI is a great option, as it strives for “No place without a witness, no church without a vision, no person without hope.” 

CFCI works with the people of Mali to teach them life skills while at the same time sharing the gospel of Christ.  

This venture in Mali is one of their many initiatives to attempt to bring stability to those around the world through both worldly and faith-based means. 

Find out more about CFCI 

TWR International 

TWR International has been working since 1954 to use radio and other forms of media to share the good news with those who have not yet heard of Jesus. 

According to their website, TWR International produces “over 275,000 hrs. of content… every year.”  

Find out more about TWR International 

Map Global 

Map Global currently has missionaries in ten countries, where they seek to empower them to share the gospel in the most effective way possible. 

Map Global’s aim is to “Support ministry leaders and missionaries by empowering them and equipping them to fulfill their unique ministry calling; providing personal, spiritual and logistical support.” 

Find out more about Map Global 

Teach Beyond 

Teach Beyond connects teachers, headteachers, RAs, dorm parents, and support staff with exciting educational opportunities around the world. 

Their goal is to use this Christ-centered education to help those in need all around the world to impact both their standards of living as well as their faith. 

As seen on their website, Teach Beyond has had over “25,000 learners taught worldwide.” 

Find out more about Teach Beyond


MissionGO believes that “Together we can take the Good News of Jesus Christ to all people.” 

If you are interested in construction, one of MissionGO’s projects in West Africa includes a clean water building project to help provide those in Sierra Leone with fresh drinking water. 

Find out more about MissionGO 

ABWE International 

“We believe in doing the long, hard work of missions. We believe that the Great Commission means not only sharing the gospel but disciple new believers in the local church and helping biblical, healthy churches multiply and reach their own nations.” 

According to their website, in the last year alone, ABWE International provided healthcare to over 97,000 people. 

Find out more about ABWE International 


As found on their website, East-West is committed to four core values: the passion for Jesus, the passion for grace, the passion for the spiritually darkest places, and the passion for bold action. 

This year East-West is celebrating its “30th year of shining God’s light.” 

Find out more about East-West 

Is God calling you to the unreached of West Africa? 

If this is your heart, please take the next step & fill out our mission application. We can then connect you with these mission agencies who work among the unreached in West Africa. 

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