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Listen, Learn and Love

Listen, Learn, Love. When you see those three words together, what do you think of? A sign hanging in your mom’s living room? Something that’s easy to do? A mentor who really influenced you by doing exactly that? As you enter the mission field, these words should become a mantra that runs on a constant …

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5 Steps to Pray for the Unreached

Of all the things Jesus did while on earth, is it not interesting that the one thing his disciples specifically ask Jesus to teach them to do is pray? Not how to turn water into wine.Not how to heal the sick.Not how to multiply fish and bread.Not how to raise the dead.“Lord, teach us to …

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Missionary Mom Life

When you think about life on the mission field, there are many factors to consider. When you add kids to the mix, those factors multiply. Questions like, “How will my kids adjust?”, “What on earth am I going to feed them?”, “How does school work there?”, and “How will I manage raising my kids and …

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Short-Term Missions for Long-Term Impact with Kanita Benson

Listen to this episode with Kanita Benson as she shares her experiences of short-term mission trips and the importance of constructing them effectively in order to make a long-term impact. Kanita also discusses ways to mobilize the African American community.

Mission journey

Mission Journey

Every single journey is different, but here are some resources to help you along the way. We’ll walk you through the different phases of moving towards a life in missions!

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