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Watch this quick video to see how you can contact up to 30 mission agencies with one application.

Are you looking for the right mission agency?

Are you called to missions? Discover the simple & quick way to find the right mission agency.
  • One application / 30 mission agencies
  • Connects you to the best possible agencies
  • Saves valuable time during the research phase

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Mission Agency Finder

It’s simple: Enter your target religion, regions of the world and ministries to find the agencies that match your interest.
Have a chance to contact all agencies through a single form.

5-Minute Missionary Profile Test

This simple but powerful test will help you assess the areas of your heart that are vital in a life of missions.
Answer only 25 questions and receive your results in your email instantly.

May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering!”

(Moravian Missionaries, 1700’s)

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