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Thanks for taking the missionary profile test!

You scored as “almost ready”

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What does this score really mean?

According to the way that you answered the 25 questions, you are almost ready for a life as a missionary. We want to encourage you to keep growing in your passion for the Lord and the lost.

You may want to:

Find a mature Christian to mentor and disciple you towards this vision from the Lord
Share your vision with your local church. Make sure that they are behind you in this calling
Build a strong foundation of prayer! Begin to have people commit to praying for you on a regular basis
Consider taking a short-term mission trip – ask God to confirm His calling on your life
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What is the mission app?

A simple solution for connecting you to mission agencies that match your calling.

The mission world is changing. With more and more partnerships and networks, the desire is to place people on the ground to proclaim the gospel no matter which agency they work for. There is not one agency that fits every calling. The process of finding and applying to mission agencies for potential missionaries can be difficult. We can help simplify this for you.

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